What is the minimum age to enrol for driving/riding course?

You must be at least 18 years old.

Can I enrol on a course or make advance bookings before my 18th birthday?

The minimum age to enrol for a course or book for a theory/practical test is 18 years old, as according to your date of birth.

What is the minimum requirement for enrolment in a driving/riding course?

  • At least 18 years old during the time of application
  • Applicants who are pregnant or above the age of 65 must produce a doctor's letter to certify that he/she is fit to drive/ride during the period of practical lessons and tests.
  • Have not accumulated more than 12 demerit points under the Driver Improvement Point System (DIPS).
  • Physically and mentally fit.
  • Passed colour blindness and eye-sight tests.

I am physically handicapped/suffering from vision defect/hearing impairment. Am I allowed to enrol for any driving/riding course?

Before enrollment of a course, you will need to obtain a medical from the Testing Branch Supervisor and a doctor's letter to certify that you are fit to drive/ride.

Do I need to retake my BTT if my licence has been revoked/suspended?

You will only be allowed to enrol after your suspension.revocation period is over.

I have accumulated 13 demerit points under the Driver Improvement Points System (DIPS) for Class 2B licence. Can I enrol on a Class 3 driving course now?

You are not allowed to enrol for any course or book any theory/practical test if you have accumulated more than 12 demerit points in any class(es).

Can foreigners enrol on a driving/riding course?

You will need to produce a valid passport and a recent passport-size photograph with either one of the following documents:
  • Valid Employment Pass
  • Valid Dependant's Pass
  • Valid Permanent Resident ID
  • Valid Student Pass
  • Valid Work Permit

Basic Theory Test (BTT)

When can I book my BTT?

You can book your BTT upon enrolment. Booking of FTT is allowed only after you have passed the BTT.

How do I book my Theory Test?

Theory Tests can be booked via:
  • Customer Service Center counters at driving centre
  • The online booking system at the driving centre website
  • Self-Service kiosks at the driving centre
A BTT booking cost $6.00 and do note that the booking of Theory Test cannot be cancelled or refunded.

Can I do multiple test bookings across the three driving centres?

You are allowed to book only one valid test date. You will be disqualified from any multiple bookings of test dates and the bookings will not be refunded.

Will the BTT differ for Class 3 and Class 3A learners?

THe BTT and FTT are the same for both Class 3 & Class 3A learners.

When will I know my BTT result?

You will know your result immediately upon completion of your theory test.

Is there any expiry date upon passing the BTT and FTT?

  • The BTT has no expiry date
  • The FTT is valid for two years from the date you passed.
You have to re-take your FTT again after it has expired if you have not obtained a Qualified Driving Licence.

Conversion of Foreign Driving Licence

How do I convert a foreign driving licence to a Singapore driving licence?

You need to enrol for the Basic Theory Test at any driving centres. Upon passing your BTT, you can apply for conversion at the Traffic Police counter at any driving test centres.

What are the terms and conditions for conversion of foreign driving licence?

You can refer to the Traffic Police website for more information on the requirements for conversion of foreign licence.

Provisional Driving Licence (PDL)

What is Provisional Driving Licence (PDL)?

A PDL enables you to learn driving with a qualified driving instructor.

WHere and when can I apply for my PDL?

You should apply for your PDL upon passing your BTT and before you start any driving lessons. The PDL can be applied at the Traffic Police Counter of the driving centres. You are to bring along BTT result slip and original Identity Card with a fee of $25.00.

Can someone apply the PDL on my behalf?

You must apply for your PDL personally, as a check on your eyesight will be conducted.

What are the procedures if I lose my PDL?

The replacement fee will be $25.00. You will need to apply for PDL replacement at the Traffic Police Testing Branch at any driving centres. Class 2B PDL can only be replaced at the Traffic Police Testing Branch where the PDL was first applied.

Can I attend practical lessons if I did not bring alone my valid PDL?

No. You must have a valid PDL with you when attending practical lessons and tests.

Qualified Driving Licence (QDL)

Am I allowed to drive while waiting for the photo-card qualified driving licence (QDL)?

Yes. You are to apply for your QDL upon passing the practical test. You will be issued an acknowledgement slip after paying a fee of $50.00. The slip can be used as a temporary licence until you receive your actual QDL.

Can the holder of a Class 3A licence drive a manual car?

No. The Class 3A licence is strictly for automatic transmission cars only. Conversely, a Class 3 Licence enables you to drive either a manual or automatic car.

I have just obtained my Class 3A licence. How long must I wait before I can enrol for a Class 3 driving course?

You are allowed to apply for the Class 3 driving course once you have obtained your Class 3A licence. You can book a Class 3 practical test after completing all the practical lessons.

Can a qualified driver coach a PDL holder?

Only Qualified Licence holders who possess a Qualified Instructor Licence under a driving school are allowed to coach learner drivers.